Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Template at ScrapMatters with Band Geek Designs

I'm still trying to get a few pages done before we leave for our next trip. I did the Tuesday Template challenge that just came out today. It's good for the whole month of July as well, so you have plenty of time to do it. You can find it here. I used Belle of the Ball from Band Geek Designs for a LO meeting Belle at Cinderella's Royal Table. I love the vivid colors and beautiful elements in this kit.

Here's my LO. I love how it turned out.

 The challenges over at ScrapMatters are a great way to get those pages done. It is also a good excuse to go shopping for beautiful kits like the ones Liz has in her store! Happy Scrapping!

Lotsa Love for Day's templates!

Since I'm leaving for Disney in 3 days, I have been trying to get my books for the last trip somewhat organized. I'm largely unsuccessful so far, I have gotten up to book 5 organized, but there are many many missing pages in those 500 pages to do!! And I think I still have about 2 more books to try to map out...I see many late nights in my future! Anyway, I decided to get a few more pages done. Enter Day's fabulous templates! If you are looking to get mass pages done, templates are really the way to go! I picked up her In Stitches templates, along with her Antique Glass Alpha and Spring Kissed kit.

Here are the two pages that I made using two of the templates...
So check out the templates Day has in store for you, pair them with an awesome kit and maybe an alpha and you can get pages done lickity split! Happy scrapping!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Celebrate the Fourth with Band Geek Designs and WM Squared Designs

Liz has a new collab out with Wendy called Yankee Doodle. It's beyond fabulous! The colors are super festive, and the elements are perfect! It is just the kit for scrapping all your Fourth of July pictures, but it's good for so much more! Anything festive really is perfect! Take a look:

And I also used Liz's awesome new templates on one of my LOs.

Here's what I created with all these goodies:

They're on sale right now at ScrapMatters, be sure to check them out!

Kellybell Designs is really revving it up!!

Kachow! He's back!!! Our favorite little race car is back to star in another fabulous Disney movie, Cars 2, just released today! Lightning McQueen and Mater head overseas to compete in the first ever World Grand Prix to determine the fastest car in the world. To celebrate the movie release, Kellybell has a racy new kit called ....


Not only is this kit perfect for scrapping your meeting with McQueen and Mater, but also for scrapping TomorrowLand Speedway, Test Track, driving tests, road trips and all the fun of getting to your final destination. There's 15 papers including some sporty checks and patterns. Kelly's included an awesome alpha in black checks outlined in red. She's also created some very fun elements including a speedometer, traffic light, tire, tread marks, keys, winding roads, checkered flag, trophy and a whole lot more.

Here is a set of 7 coordinating word art titles. Isn't that alpha just amazing??!! The kit and word art are on sale this weekend only for 25% off. Make sure you stop by Kellybell's Store to buy them on sale!

With so much versatility in this this kit, there's just too many possibilities for scrapping. This is what I made...

Now that you've seen the kit and some layouts, let's talk about some freebies! Kelly's Creative Team has done a super duper job making a few goodies for you with 'Crossing The Finish Line'. Steer your race car over to these blogs and find the treasures they have for you.

Take a look at the fun freebie I created for you. Enjoy and happy scrapping!

click image to download

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monster of a Day by Band Geek Designs

Liz has another kit that came out at ScrapMatters this weekend, and it is the cutest thing ever! It's perfect for all of those melt down pictures that you may have waiting to be scrapped. It's called Monster of a Day, and it also has an add-on that can be purchased with the kit for a discount. I used the bundle for my LO.

Here is my LO. I caught Lexy and Roddy being grumpy at DisneyWorld, which just seems wrong!
Check it out, you so won't be sorry! Happy Scrapping!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Remember the magic of Polynesian Paradise!

If you listen carefully you can hear the drums beating and the waves crashing on the beach, you might even smell the pina collada's as we take you back to Polynesia. Polynesian Paradise is out of the vault for a limited time only. It will be 50% off thru Sunday and then back into the vault it goes!!! And for those of you who may already own this kit, there is a brand new Add-On to compliment. The Add-On will be 25% off thru Sunday as well. So put your hula skirt on and dance over to Kellybell Designs and snatch them up!!!!





Check out the page I made with both kits!

Now for the surprise.......to keep the 50% off celebration going... Beachy Keen and Sail Away With Me are also gonna be 50% off thru Sunday as well!



And if that wasn't enough we are also celebrating this month's Member Of The Month!
Name: Donna Sonmor
Here is a link to her site: http://www.riderprider.blogspot.com/
Q. How did you get into Digital Scrapbooking?

I've always been a very artistic, creative person. My daughter married an American boy (long story but it's the best love story you'll ever hear) on such short notice in December 2009 that none of his family were able to get passports to attend, and only my husband, our son & myself were there for her side of the family. There were very few photos. I decided that the best Christmas gift for his family and our family would be a scrapbook of the pictures that we did have. I knew that I would never be able to make 12 traditional scrapbooks so I looked into making a photo book. I started in March 2010 with a free version of Digital Scrapbook Artist 2, found some tutorials online and taught myself the basics, and the book was ready to print in late September. I've since upgraded from DSA2 and now I mostly use PSE9 but I also have PSCS5 which I'm teaching myself to use. The photo book turned out very nice and everybody who has seen it loves it, although when I look at it now I cringe! My style has definitely changed and my skills have improved a lot in the year since then!

Q. What brought you to Kellybell Designs?

I had a lot of Disney photos to scrap and I stumbled onto the MouseScrappers website somehow. I started seeing some amazing LOs and took note of the designers being credited. Kelly was one designer whose kits I loved, and I developed a large collection of them pretty quickly. I remember feeling very jealous of the talented CT members she had because I thought they were so lucky to be able to play with her kits!
Q. What has been your best moment as a member of Kelly's Team?

Oh gosh, how can I choose?! I'm serious - I've only been here 6 months but there have been so many best moments! How about the day that I was invited to join Kelly's team as a Guest CT? It might have been how quickly I was welcomed to the team by everybody. Then there was the day that I was invited to stay with the team permanently. Maybe it was the day that I quit feeling shy and inadequate, and started feeling confident that I belonged here. Or how about the day that I realized that all of us girls are not just a team of strangers -- we're friends and we all truly care about each other. I think that the last one is the one I'll go with! I love this team! We have the best team, we each have our strengths that we bring to the scrapping part of the team; but most of all every one of the girls is awesome, and we've got each others' backs.

Q. In addition to being a member of the team .. tell us a little about you.
I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 26 years, but we've been together for 30 years. We have two wonderful "adults" now (can't call them kids anymore!) - our son is 23, and our daughter is 21 and married to a man I adore and consider to be my own son. I live in the middle of Canada, in Winnipeg, where we have to deal with short hot summers and long cold winters. I was in an accident 3 years ago that forced me to retire but I used to manage a small florist shop before that. I have always had an artistic streak in me, but until I discovered digi scrapping I didn't know how to let that artist out. I love to travel and have been to 6 Canadian provinces, 42 American states, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia. We love to road trip through the USA and we've just discovered that we also love to cruise. This fall we plan to combine our two loves by taking a 12000 km road trip and a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas. By the end of this year, we'll have visited 49 states, with only Alaska left to visit -- which we'll do next summer, and we'll have added the Bahamas to the list of countries we've visited. Oh and we're having a mid-life crisis... we just bought a Honda Goldwing motorcycle - can't wait for our first road trip on it!

Q. What is by far your favorite kit here at Kellybell Designs?

Boy you really like to ask the hard questions! That's kind of like asking which one of your kids is your favourite. I get really excited when I see Kelly introduce the princess-y kits, but I think I love her absolutely stunning Blooming in Adversity kit the most.

Q. What are your favorite layouts?

I think that these are probably my favorite LO's so far, both made with Blooming in Adversity. I love how drastically different that one kit can look:



Head over to Donna's blog because she has a freebie for you!
And don't forget your manners and give her some love!

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's time to be thankful for dad with Band Geek Designs

Liz has a great kit out at Scrapmatters today that is all about that special guy in our lives, dad! The colors are fabulous, and the elements are so wonderful for layering!!

I also used her great layer it up templates!

I used it to make a page from my dad's birthday back in February. I love all the clustering I was able to do with Liz's great elements!

It's on sale now through the weekend, so be sure to snatch it up while you have the chance! Happy scrapping!

You've got a friend with Kellybell Designs!

You've Got a Friend In Me....
It makes you immediately start humming the song about your favorite cowboy and space ranger, who changed the way we all look at our toys! Yes, we're talking about our faithful and true

Friends to the End
Buzz, Woody and the Toy Story Gang!!!

Kellybell Designs is proud to unveil this amazing and giant kit "Friends to the End" -- and when you see all the elements it is like having 2 kits in one! There is a complete set of "Buzz Lightyear" inspired papers and elements, along with another complete set of papers and elements suited for everyone's favorite Deputy--"Woody!"

Fifteen papers in all, adorable word strips with all those perfect catch phrases from the Toy Story movies, stitched borders, arrows, stars, flowers, ribbons, string, cowboy and space ranger elements...even glitter! AND, 2 alphas!!!

You will find it all, as you capture those scrapbook pages with your Toy Story memories from Disney, character meet & greets, parades, or even summer dress up days in the backyard!
And if that isn't enough....there is matching word art to put the finishing touches on your pages!

Reach for the Sky and grab this amazing "Friends to the End" kit and word art!

Both are 25% off this weekend only--through Sunday night!

Take a look at the page I created with "Friends to the End"

And, several of Kellybell's CT members have designed some pretty great freebies!
Head over to Donna's blog, then to Julie's and Roxana's too! And don't forget Paula either!
hope you love the new kit and freebies..make sure to leave them some love!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tutorial for Mousescrappers template challenge on using cut outs

So I had posted here that I am hosting a template challenge over at Mousescrappers. Several people had asked for a tutorial on how I made the template. I was sort of surprised since most people don't come to ME to figure out how to do things, but I am happy to oblige! You can check out the challenge here to see the template. I used cut out mickey heads on my background papers. Here is how I did that.

First, I made a shape for my paper on top of my background paper.

On the right, you can see that I have my background layer and the shape covering that layer. Now, you want to make sure that this layer is simplified. So you need to click on your top layer, click on layer, and then scroll down to simplify layer. This will allow you to cut into this layer later.

Now, I am going to select my oval shape tool, and I will make a large circle followed by two smaller circles to make my mickey head. I actually make one smaller circle then I duplicate it so that my ears are the same size. I select all three of my circles at the same time, click on layer, then scroll down to merge layers to make my mickey head.

So now I have my mickey head, and I'm ready to cut that shape out on my paper layer. Remember that layer needs to be simplified through the layers tab. Then, I'm going to select my magic wand tool,  and click on my mickey head. This will make marching ants that outline my mickey head shape. This is the area that will be cut. However, I want to make sure that I click on my paper layer now so that I am cutting that layer. I will select layer, then new layer, then new layer by cut. It should look like this.

Now, you will see that there is a new layer showing the cut out.

You can now delete that selected layer with the mickey head, move your original mickey head, resize, rotate, whatever and make more cuts in your paper.

There you go, you can keep adding mickey heads until your heart's content. When you are done, you can delete that original mickey head you were using as your cutting template, and you are ready to clip papers to your layers and add photos, elements, etc. Easy as pie, right? Hope that helped! Happy scrapping!

Template challenge at ScrapMatters with Made With Love by Inspirations from Day

The template challenge that just came out over at ScrapMatters was so awesome that I had to make a LO for it. You can find the challenge here. You've got the whole month of June to finish. I used some awesomeness from Day on it!! I started with her Made with Love kit because I loved the soft colors and all the hearts.

I also used these pieces.

And I used a white flower from this great kit...

And when I mixed ALL that together, I came up with this.

Isn't that template awesome? Happy scrapping!